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The online entry system is now open
Instruction on how to use the online entry system are at the bottom of this page.

We have just confirmed with Hampton Downs on Sunday 13 September for a rescheduled Round 1.

We have to revise the Supplementary Regulations, reconfirm volunteers, etc.  We will open a new event in our on-line entry system and transfer all existing entries across to it.  As we transfer entries, a new confirmation email will be sent.  For those who have already paid, the email will indicate the entry fee is still owing.  Please ignore that.  The system issues the email before we can manually mark transferred entries paid in the system.

If this new date doesn't work for you, we will offer full refunds.  Please send your bank account number to  If you would prefer a refund on your credit card, please call Craig Holmes on 021-889-488 with your card number and expiry date.

Please bear with us.  This will take a bit of time to sort out.








  13th Sept 2020


Hampton Downs


4th October 2020




28th November 2020


Hampton Downs


7th March 2021




11th April


Hampton Downs




Round 1 of the Club's 2020/21 Summer Series at Hampton Downs on Sunday 13th Sept is now open for entries.  Click HERE to enter.


Transponder Hire


MyLaps X2 transponders are available for hire.  Transponder brackets may be purchased for $10.  Note X2 transponders use a different bracket than the older red transponders.


Garages can be hired through the on-line entry system for $75 for a half garage (two regular sized cars fit into one garage).  Garage allocations will be grouped by Series and will be emailed to competitors hiring a garage on Friday 28 August.

Dual Entries

Competitors may enter a second race series for an additional fee of $75.  We will attempt to ensure there is a gap between series with dual entries, but depending on which Series have dual entries, this is not always possible.


Where possible, Documentation will be done electronically per the Back in Motion plan.

Where this is not possible, Advance Documentation will be held at the Club Rooms from 7:30pm to 9:00pm and at the track on the morning of the event.  Covid-19 social distancing guidelines will be strictly followed.


Where possible, Scrutineering will be done using self-declaration with scanned copies of log book pages.  Self-declaration forms will be sent to competitors.

Where this is not possible, Scrutineering will be done at the track.  Times will be advised in the Supplementary Regulations Part Two.

Run Order

The run order for the day, including the start time, will be finalised at the Series Coordinators meeting on Thursday 27 August.  All competitors will be emailed a copy of the run order on Friday 28 August and a copy will be published on the Club's web site.

Due to the complications of Covid-19, the number of laps will be reduced to 6 to ensure the meeting is kept to a reasonable length of time.


If you have any problems with the on-line entry system, please don't hesitate to contact the Secretary, Craig Holmes, at or on 021-889-488.

Fingers crossed everybody!!!